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Article: Azealia Banks Announced in ‘Governors Ball’ Line Up
Friday, January 25, 2013 By: Admin | 0 Comments

We like to think of ourselves as calm, collected, and occasionally blas? when it comes to hearing about parties, concerts and festivals but sometimes announcements come out that remind us that we’re full of shit and that we still get very, very excited about any event that’s truly awesome. Like Governors Ball 2013. The official lineup announcement came out today and it is a doozy — like, prepare to start breathing into a paper bag-type of doozy.

Scope a video of Fat Jew and his comrade riding around NYC in a Rolls-Royce, announcing the line-up to pedestrians on the street and what we assume are partiers at Westway. And, if that wasn’t already enough, the third headliner is still unnanounced. Also of note is the fact that the festival will be expanding from two days to three days this year.

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